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You are reading about the adventure that a group of sailors started in 2005. This adventure was started by Onder Cesur, who has been a sailing athlete and a successful sailing instructor for many years. In order for the new generations to not experience any difficulties during their sports and coaching periods, the start of the production of high-quality products at affordable prices took place. Onder, who was born in 1969, is the father of two children and is currently a sailing club president and also a successful company owner.

Optinew has been supporting sailors since the beginning. In line with its mission and vision, it has supplied and still supplies all its products to you, dear sailors, and sailing clubs, at the most affordable prices, when compared to other products in the market. Throughout this adventure, which started with; expenses, difficulties faced by the clubs, and the absence of a supply chain, Optinew, which provided and grew its production network in a very short time, is now selling to over fifteen different countries, with over 600 different products.

Apart from offering affordable prices and quality products, it also takes part in social responsibility projects with its help and support. We are proud to be your biggest supporter in tackling the rise in prices and consumer costs today. We are very excited to work together for the future of optimist sailing. As we continue our journey with more sailing equipment and more sailors and clubs, we recommend that you follow our impact and activities closely. See you somewhere on the sea. Keep sailing and best regards...

Sailing is one of the most beautiful sports in the world, and the optimist class is the most popular one-design boat. Sailing must be reachable to everyone. For this purpose, we have been serving more than a hundred national sailing clubs and more than fifteen countries over the past eighteen years. We are working hard to popularise the Optimist class and be of service to more sailors.

Whilst you, dear sailors, enjoy the breeze on the blue sea, we make sure to make your sailing life easier, convenient, and last but not least, pleasurable. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for trusting and choosing us, Optinew Family.